10 Easy Ways to Destress in 2 Minutes

Self-care is essential for our wellbeing and mental stamina. However, amid our busy lives, it is often hard to find calm amongst the chaos. Therefore, Mindfulness can be a handy practice to master.  Best of all, mindful relaxation can be achieved in as little as two (yes 2) minutes!


Here are 10 ways to de-stress in 2 minutes:


  1. Count your breaths

Inhale slowly for 4 counts

Hold your breath gently at the top for 2 counts

Exhale fully (completely emptying your lungs) for 6 counts

Hold at the bottom for 3 counts before taking in your next breath.

Do 8 of these 15-second breath cycles and you will have 2 minutes of breathing and instant calm.

  1. Positive mantras

Begin to focus on a positive and empowering statement. For example:

“I am handling everything in my stride.”

“I am strong and capable”

“I am relaxed and calm and focused”

Ensure your positive affirmation mentions your desired emotional state. To master this, think of what you want to feel and turn that into an affirmation.

  1. Creative visualisation

With the power of your imagination, take yourself somewhere magical and relaxing- whatever your happy place may be. Visualise yourself there and feel the calm feelings.

Another great idea is to think of a goal or something you are working towards and spend 2 minutes focusing on this scene exactly how you want it to be and as if it has already happened.

  1. Focus on calming words

Close your eyes and focus on the space behind your eyelids. Imagine that is your own internal movie screen. Place a calming word on your screen and focus on that word for 2 minutes (Examples include calm, relaxed, gentle, graceful, happy or joy)

  1. Focus on Gratitude

Stop and take 2 minutes to list the top 10 things you can feel most thankful for today. You can list these in your mind or actually write them in a journal for a more powerful exercise.

Each day challenge yourself to think of something new.

  1. Focus on your solutions

When you focus on your problems, your problems persist. When you focus on your solutions, your solutions exist.

Stop and take 2 minutes to list all possible solutions and action steps you can take towards your perceived problem or issue.

Be sure to action any inspiring ideas you may receive.

  1. Relax your body

Stop and spend 2 minutes relaxing your whole body. Use your breath to relax the muscles, letting go of any tightness on your exhale breath.

Start at your head and slowly work your way down your body.

  1. Let go

As you inhale focus on the word let and as you exhale focus on the word go. As you exhale the word go, relax the body as you did in the body scan above.

  1. Get into Nature

Get outside into fresh air away from the classroom, noise and stimulation.

Find a piece of grass, sand, a tree, water or beautiful flowers.

Take off your shoes and inhale the calming surroundings, allow the ions of nature to re-balance and re-calibrate your energy and relax your body.

  1. Laugh out Loud

Laughter is the best medicine and creates positive endorphin’s instantly shifting stressful hormones and a stressful mindset.

Think of a time recently when you laughing out loud, take yourself back to that time and focus on it until it makes you laugh.

Other ideas: Watch a funny YouTube video or speak to a friend who makes you feel great.