Philip Whelan, Director of Professional Learning


Philip has extensive experience in the Education sector in a variety of practical and senior Leadership roles including, Principal, Specialist and Classroom Teacher. He has performed these roles over a 30-year span within the 3 Victorian school sectors: Catholic, Independent and Government.

Philip is now a Leadership and Wellbeing consultant to the education sector and is the Director of Professional Learning for Stride Education, Australia.

“Through multiple decades of experience in the 3 sectors of Education, I have become increasingly aware of the prevalence of mental health issues for students, staff and the broader community. 15 years in Leadership roles within schools has helped me understand the myriad of reasons an individual can be affected by mental health issues in their personal and professional life that often remains undiagnosed or unmanaged and can then lead to unwanted outcomes. My passion now is to support schools and their staff with managing individual and whole staff wellbeing.”

Along with guest speaker and Psychologist, Anthony Klarica, Philip is excited to present the following Professional Learning opportunities for Teachers, Leading Teachers and Principal Class members in Term One, 2021.

Staff Wellbeing
Emerging Leadership: ‘Leadership Now & For the Future’
Beginning Teachers (For teachers in the first 5 yrs. Experience
Staff Wellbeing In-house Retreat

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