Full Name: Date:

    Gender: Date of Birth:

    M H

    W: Email:


    1.If Yes please provide Card no Expiry Date:
    2. If No please complete the application:- Go to https://online.justice.vic.gov.au/wwcc
    3. Organisational Details: In 2 Life Inc., 11 Clarence Street, Bentleigh East, Victoria, 3165.
    Phone: 03 9088 5520


    All volunteers are required to obtain a Crim Check. There is no charge to you to do the check.

    3. Forward an email to us: with your copies of your ID.
    NB. For those applicants who mail or email their identity documents there will no longer be a need to have certified true copies, the applicant can send an uncertified photo or photocopy of their documents, there is no need to retain the copies of the ID documents

    NEXT OF KIN - We will contact your next of kin in the case of an accident, emergency or injury whilst you are volunteering.


    1.1 Why do you want to become a Stride volunteer?

    To give back to the community
    Studying in a related field
    To gain new skills
    To meet new people
    Advance career prospects
    Other (please state)

    1.2 What do you hope to get out of the volunteer experience?


    If ‘yes’, please list them below:

    2. WHO ARE YOU?

    2.1 What best describes you?



    3.1 Supervision and Support

    Close support, guidance and supervision is available to all volunteers and is a requirement of your participation in the program. ALL volunteers are required to have contact with their program coordinator at least once per quarter.

    3.2 Commitment

    Stride’s programs aims to reflect best practice standards. For this reason, we require that
    volunteers commit to at least 12 months involvement with this program

    3.3 On-going Training

    Volunteers are expected to attend a volunteer meeting once per quarter in order to keep skills
    and knowledge updated as well as allowing for catch-ups with the Program Coordinator. In these meetings the coordinator will provide further training to volunteers as appropriate.

    3.4 Drugs and Alcohol



    Please provide the names and contact details of two people who can act as referees for you.
    Nominated referees should include:

    1 Employer or supervisor

    2 Friend or character reference

    All nominated people need to: have known you for at least 12 months, not be a significant other, not be related to you, have regular contact with you and be able to vouch for you. Please ensure you inform your referees that we will be in contact with them. All references are strictly confidential.

    5.1 Employer / Supervisor