1. What is the duration of the programs?

Face-to-face programs
All day programs run from 9am-3pm
Half day programs run from 9am-11:45am or 12:15pm-3pm
Online programs
It is recommended to run online programs to a maximum of 1 hour over 3-6 weeks

2. What types of schools do you work with?

We work with all schools Government, independent, catholic, alternative.

3. Can your programs be delivered online?

Yes. All programs can be adapted to an online delivery. The best format is our hybrid model where students are in the classroom with attending staff and the Stride facilitator is on screen.

4. How does Stride evaluate programs?

We use a before an after online teacher survey and a paper student program

5. What is the price of the programs?

For program and pricing enquiries please email [email protected] or send us on the Contact us page

6. Can schools apply their funding to pay for the programs?


Yes. We work with multiple community organisations that offer funding for disengaged cohorts, resilience, wellbeing and social and emotional learning.

7. What is the maximum/minimum number of students per program?

The minimum number of students per program is 8. The maximum number of students per Stride Facilitator is 35.

8. What facility or space do you require for your programs?

Most programs can be delivered in a classroom or large open space. We ask that all desks are cleared out or moved out of the way. Chairs are best positioned in a semi-circle facing a white board/screen. We use PowerPoint presentations in the majority of our programs.

9. What age group do you work with?

Programs are best suited to grade 4-grade 10. Our careers program suits a grade 9 or grade 10 cohort.

10. Is there a minimum of teachers you require for your professional development programs?

We require a minimum of 4 teachers to deliver our Professional Development programs.

11. How, as a teacher, can I maximise the efficacy of the program?

Your Stride facilitator can provide you with follow up worksheets and conversation prompts to continue the learning and implement the tools identified in the program.

12. How can I enquire/book a program?

 Email [email protected] or call our head office.

13. Do the programs include student manuals?

Yes. All programs include student manuals and resources. The professional development programs include a Teachers manual in addition to a students manual.

14. Do the students receive program certificates?

  1. As of 2022 all students can receive a certificate of participation

15. Who is the parenting program for?

The primary goal of our Parenting Today: Adapt & Grow Together Course is not to have obedient children. It is to enhance the quality of our relationship with our children by learning skills and understanding the difference between conscious parenting and autopilot parenting. By being able to develop a mindful mindset to manage our stress effectively we are then able to connect with our children and meet their needs as well as our own. If you are looking for a quick fix solution so that child can behave then this is not for you.

We’re here to help you build trust and connection with your children so that you can handle challenging situations by being conscious in the choices you make. If you believe that you are ready to invest in your child’s development and create a family environment where your child is free to be fully self-expressed and you want to discover ways on how you can make parenting become a joy for you, then let’s get started. If you also like to learn about how some parts of the brain function that will alter the way you see your child and understand how you are when you are stressed, then this course is for you.

16. Can I do the parenting course with my partner, co-parent or other?

Of course, you can! The skills, ideas, concepts we teach in Parenting Today: Adapt and Grow Together are designed for any caretaker of children, not just a mother. Learning these skills with a partner, co-parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, educator is welcomed and encouraged.