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Student programs
Specialising in Social & Emotional Wellbeing programs including Careers and Transitions
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Teacher programs
Professional learning programs for teachers and well being staff focusing on social emotional
learning, wellbeing, leadership and conflict resolution.
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Parent programs
Parenting Programs specialising in everyday parenting skills as well as how parents can support careers and transitions.
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Teacher Programs

Enhance your teaching capacity with Stride’s Professional Learning programs for teachers and wellbeing staff. Gain the tools and knowledge to run Stride programs in your school or focus on your own growth with our staff wellbeing, leadership, conflict resolution and beginner teacher programs.

Student Programs

Empower and engage your students with our Social and Emotional Wellbeing programs. Students learn to have greater self-awareness, self-management, develop healthy relationships, make responsible decisions, and learn to be critical thinkers and change-makers.

Parent Programs

Lead the way for your children by upskilling yourself with tools to help manage everyday parenting. These include effective communication skills, building connection, self-care, self-management, and self-compassion. Learn practical skills to help your children transition to high school and work life.

About Us

Welcome to Stride Education

STRIDE EDUCATION is passionate about making a change in a changing world. For over 35 years, we have been delivering social and emotional wellbeing programs to students, teachers, and parents. Our programs offer key tools, or what we call STRIDE STEPS, that offer practical and easy to implement skills that…




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Our Learning Framework

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Our Team

Meet our leadership team

Mark Watt AM

Executive Officer

Tania Hutchison

Operations Manager

Cheryne Blom

Program Manager and
Lead Facilitator



“Many of the girls are talking more openly and have appeared to become closer. Skills gained through the MPower Girls program include increased confidence, connectedness with other girls  and staff as well as the ability to speak one’s own mind and be assertive in a positive way.”

Secondary School Teacher

- MPower Friendship Program

“The Year 7 enrolments reflect a diverse primary background and many Year 7 students initially have few or no friends in the secondary school. The Peer Support Program provides the opportunity for them to make friends amongst their peers and with the older students.”

Classroom Teacher

- Peer Support Program

“Such worthwhile, well-based concepts. Content presented very clearly and professionally. The presenter was clearly experienced.”

Classroom Teacher

- Revved Up Program

“I like speaking and listening to people. It’s giving me more confidence.”

Year 10 Student

- Peer Support Program

“Teachers have noted that the school community as a whole have benefited from the implementation of this program in that students have gained vital skills in the form of confidence, leadership and increased levels of self-esteem.”

Classroom Teacher

- Peer Mediation Program

“We are aware that this program has been directly responsible for potentially saving the lives of several young people.”

School Chaplin

- Supportive Friends Program

“Since commencing the program, teachers have not had to deal with as many problems or conflicts, as the peer mediators have actively and successfully utilised their mediation and leadership skills to resolve student conflicts”

Year 5/6 Teacher

- Peer Mediation Program


Empowering change in
changing times