STRIDE EDUCATION is passionate about making change in a changing world. For over 25 years, we have been delivering social and emotional wellbeing programs to students, teachers and parents. Our programs offer key tools, or what we call STRIDE STEPS, that offer practical and easy to implement skills that help our students take life in their stride.

Our program framework equips students with 21st-century life skills in the following categories:

CONNECTION. Building healthy relationships

COLLABORATION. Working productively in teams

CAREERS & TRANSITIONS: Assisting future pathways

COMMUNITY. Inspiring change-makers and global citizens

CONTRIBUTION. Encouraging purpose and courageous leadership

COMMUNICATION. Developing skills for confident and clear expression

CURIOSITY. Opening minds to problem solve and navigate change and uncertainty

Our signature programs are delivered in primary and secondary schools across Australia. Programs include Peer Support, Peer Mediation, MPower friendship program, Revved Up emotional management program, Leadership, Supportive Friends, The Resilience Toolbox, iPrep and more. These are facilitated over a full day, half-day, or 2-hour period.

In addition, we work closely with schools and educational organisations to tailor-build programs to suit specific student needs and budget requirements.


Our experienced facilitators can visit your school and deliver the programs directly to a class sized group of students.  Delivery is the length of a regular school day (9am – 3pm) including recess and lunch breaks, or tailored to suit you.  All workshops include student and teacher resources.


All of our workshops can be tailored and delivered online.  Call us today on 03 9088 5520 to find out more click on the enquiry button below.

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