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Parenting Tips During Covid-19

What the world has been experiencing is something that is totally new to most of us, something that we could only imagine happening in a blockbuster movie. Most of us may be concerned about the physical and emotional wellbeing and the safety of our children. As parents, we have the most challenging role to fill right now, and for this reason, it is crucial that we take care of ourselves first.

Today I will share some practical tips and strategies that may make the journey smoother.  Every family is different and we shouldn’t compare our own family to another.  What may work for one family may simply not work for another. Think about which of these tips work for your family:

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Rituals- Bringing Connection and Harmony to our Families

What are family rituals?

Family rituals are highly beneficial, they are a great way to deepen your connection and bring harmony to your family. Your family rituals may be actions that only your family understands such as weird handshakes and code words for certain things and special names for certain situations. Rituals provide us with the opportunity to say, ‘this is our thing, this is who we are and what we value’. There are so many different kinds of rituals that you can choose from. You might not even realise that you have rituals, but even a special song at bath time is a ritual. You may have some rituals that might be done while celebrating special days of the year like birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Halloween or Australia day. A ritual could also involve sharing a common interest with your family, for example, your family may love watching a family snuggled up on the sofa with delicious snacks to share.

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